Singu Services offers multi-client and dedicated warehouse management services, including inventory management, consignment stock, storage, in-house logistics, consolidation warehousing, and distribution solutions. We assist you to collaborate effectively with your customers, suppliers and transportation providers to increase efficiency, accuracy and on-time deliveries. As a result, you can improve customer service and grow margins.

Singu Services will assist you in planning and developing entirely new warehousing concepts, finding suitable storage premises, and operating them. With defined logistics and warehousing processes, we can assure the quality needed for your business through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Our team has the experience to help you start up and design a new facility from the ground up to occupancy, allowing you to spend more of your time where it matters: growing your business.


Our distribution solutions are a strategic way to add value to your business. We understand the movement of goods across suppliers, vendors, and customers. It's about getting things where they need to be, exactly when they need to be there, and doing it as time and cost efficiently as possible.

  • Customized freight solutions at competitive pricing
  • Timely alerts and notices with track-and-trace monitoring
  • ISF filing and full customs clearance
  • Local trucking and door-to-door delivery
  • Storage and warehouse options
  • Complete purchase order management


Singu services is one of the fastest growing cash management companies in India and a leading and secured provider of Cash in Transit Services focused on the safe transit of currency and valuables of Banks, Finance Institutions and Retailers. We offer world class logistics services with complete line maintenance & highest levels of efficiency along with a reliable, safe and customized integrated logistics. Our major lines of services are Cash processing, Cash in Transit, Vaulting, ATM Cash replenishment & Cash Pickup Services.